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How do I sell my ticket to an event?

Select the event for which you are going to sell tickets

Can't go to a concert? Unexpected circumstances prevent you from going to a theatrical performance or a performance of your favorite musician on the weekend? The situation is annoying, but you shouldn't despair! With the Portalbilet service, you can sell tickets online and get your money back.

If your ticket was purchased, then after the end of the event, when the buyer confirms that he attended the event and did not have any problems, your funds will be transferred from the frozen account to the current one, and you can withdraw them to a card that you will link to withdraw funds.
If your ticket is not bought, but you want to buy it, then closer to the event you need to reduce the price, at some point, it may turn out to be lower than the price from the organizer, then the probability of sale will approach 100%. If they still do not buy it, then at the last hour before the event you can remove it from sale and go to the event for which you purchased the ticket yourself. Otherwise, it will simply remain unused.
If there is a buyer for your paper ticket, our courier will pick up your ticket and deliver it to the buyer. Please note that you will receive the funds after the end of the event, when the buyer confirms that he attended the event and did not have any problems. How to sell tickets online: step by step instructions Register on portalbilet.ru. Simple registration will only take a few minutes. In your personal account, you can follow the process, if necessary, make adjustments to how much your offer costs. Indicate the event from the poster for which you want to resell tickets. Choose a format (electronic, subscription or paper), indicate the number of seats, location in the auditorium or on the stadium tribune. Indicate the features, for example, VIP or children. Indicate the price. To surely interest the audience, indicate the price close to the nominal. Open your personal account and confirm the placement of the ad. Get paid to your account. The funds will be transferred to you when the person who made the purchase attends the event. You can easily withdraw the transferred money to your bank card, which you use to withdraw funds. Until the buyer visits a concert or performance with your ticket, the money for its purchase is on a frozen account. If you are selling a paper ticket, write us your address so that the courier can pick it up and deliver it to the client. Place your ad for the sale, make sure everything is filled in correctly, and click “Ready to Submit”. Print the shipping label, include the date and address where the courier can pick it up. The manager will contact you to confirm the order. Payment will be credited to your account after the buyer visits a hockey or football match, circus, theater or club in which the concert is taking place. If for any reason you change your mind, simply delete the ad, making sure that there is no buyer for it today.
The PortalTicket takes a 10% commission from the ticket purchaser, just like any other ticket operator - this is called a service fee. Can you resell tickets right before the concert starts? Yes, indicating the cost below the stated by the organizer of the event, you are guaranteed to sell them and get most of the money back. Please note that Portalbilet, like other ticket operators, charges a 10% service fee. Are you still wondering where to sell your ticket?
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