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How do I sell my ticket to an event?


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How to sell tickets?

On the Portalbilet platform, you can sell surplus tickets for concerts, shows, shows and other events. To do this, in the upper right corner of the page, click the "Sell tickets" button. Enter the name of the event you are selling tickets for in the search bar and fill in all the required fields to create your ad. If you have not found your event - write to us and we will include it in the list.

Can I edit my ad?

You can edit the ad text many times until the tickets are redeemed from it. To make changes, click "Edit ad" and make the necessary changes to it. Be sure to save your changes by clicking on 'Save'.

How do I delete my ad?

You can delete your ad until tickets are purchased from it. If you change your mind or sell your tickets in a different way, click "Edit Listing" and then select "Remove Listing". Please confirm your intentions by responding to the confirmation request and the ad will be removed.

What are ticket parameters?

Thanks to these parameters, you can sell tickets in the most convenient way. For example, if you sell more than one ticket, you can sell them together, and split and sell by the piece. The note “any” means that tickets can be purchased in any quantity, up to the maximum stated in the ad.

How to send tickets?

Tickets are dispatched using courier services.

How to order a courier?

Click' Ready to Submit 'and follow further instructions. Print the shipping label, include address and date of shipment. The courier can pick up tickets from home or office, depending on which address you provide. After booking the courier, the manager will call you to confirm the request.

Can I deliver tickets in a different way?

Only courier delivery of tickets is available. This method ensures that the tickets are delivered to the buyer on time and that they are sold without delay.

When will I receive my money for the tickets sold?

Payment for tickets sold will be transferred to you on the 7th day after the event the buyer attended. These dates are set from the numerous postponements and cancellations of events around the world caused by the pandemic. As soon as the money is credited to your account, you will receive a notification by mail.

Can I cancel the sale?

You can cancel a sale by deleting an ad until a buyer finds your tickets. He will be waiting for the ticket to be received, so you cannot cancel the sale. If for any reason you are unable to deliver tickets to a buyer, PortalTicket reserves the right to impose a fine on you for having to find alternative tickets for your buyer.

Why can't I see my order or sale in my account?

You can not see your order and the announcement of the sale of tickets if you entered the site using a different account, or made an order from a different account, and not from the one that you have now opened on the site.
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