Sale of tickets for events

Portalbilet invites organizers of sports competitions, concerts, theater tours and performances, festivals and other spectacular cultural events to cooperate. Need to organize an event? Set up ticket sales? Attract the public's attention to a concert or theatrical performance? Fill out an application with an email address and your contact details, and we will help you sell tickets for a concert, show program or football match even if the event takes place this weekend! Our clients include sports fans, sophisticated theatergoers, music lovers with a wide variety of interests and income levels. Our ticket portal will help you find your target audience!


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Portalbilet is a ticket sales service where you can not only sell tickets for the event you are organizing, but also get the help of professional marketers, making your concert venue recognizable and loved by the public, and find your audience.

In your personal account of the organizer on our ticket portal, you can create an ad, track sales, and receive payments.

What services for the sale of tickets we offer
Working with Portalbilet, you get:
  • A powerful advertising campaign for your event, organized by professionals.
  • Fast ticket sales using different ticket distribution channels.
  • Assistance in organizing access control to events.
Benefits of working with us:
  1. Large customer base. Our users include people who are passionate about music, theater, opera, ballet, football, figure skating and other sports. These are individuals between the ages of 20 and 50 with the widest range of interests and different incomes.
  2. Individual terms of cooperation, implying the determination of the commission and the preparation of an advertising campaign in accordance with the specifics and scale of the event you are organizing.
  3. Convenient service, thanks to which you will be able to manage the process, and not deal with routine matters.

What is the commission for ticketing services?

The service fee is set on an individual basis. Contact our manager to clarify the details by phone +78005004262 or write to us at info@portalbilet.ru to receive detailed information. Working with us, you will be able to receive additional income from the sale of your tickets on the secondary market.

How can I track my sales?

You can check all the details of the sales process, the number of tickets sold with our managers by phone or by writing to us by e-mail, as well as in your personal account.

What sales channels do you use?

Tickets for events are sold through our ticket portal, where tickets are sold online, as well as through our own customer base. In addition, we have a developed network of professional distributors and a telemarketing department, thanks to which you can count on fast ticket sales for your concert, show, theater performance or any other event.

When will I receive money for the tickets sold?

You will receive a payment for tickets sold within 10 working days from the date of the event.

Can Portalbilet organize the marketing of the event on a turnkey basis?

For each event, we develop an individual advertising campaign, use professional setting of advertising tools, target in social media. networks, Google ADS and Yandex Direct, SEO, mailings, telemarketing department.
The most interesting events in your mail
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