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Portalbilet benefits

  • A wide audience of users, uniting people with different interests, income levels, preferences.

  • The opportunity to both inexpensively buy tickets online for standard seats in the auditorium, as well as purchase exclusive seats in the VIP zone, box, or stalls.

  • Viewers have access to all tickets without exception and upon purchase they choose the seller's category (individual, organizer or professional distributor).

  • Show organizers receive a personalized advertising campaign tailored to the specifics of each event.

  • All transactions on the portal are safe and protected by the offer agreement.

  • Money back guarantee in case of default by the seller.

  • Favorable terms of cooperation for corporate clients when ordering a large number of tickets.

PortalBilet is a unique Russian marketplace that contains up-to-date information on the purchase and sale of tickets for entertainment and sports events.

Events bill for 2022/2023 on Portalbilet - performances of world-famous stars, the brightest representatives of modern Russian show business, idols of the older generation, as well as performances and shows, football matches, battles MMA, which are held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and other cities of Russia.

With us you can easily attend both federal events and small chamber events in your city! We always have places for sold-out performances and the most anticipated premieres.

We have been working in the ticket market for over 15 years and unite all its participants: event organizers, professional brokers and individuals, creating optimal conditions for interaction.

Our marketplace is both a powerful advertising channel and a platform with the most up-to-date information on ticket prices and availability. Viewers purchase official tickets from organizers and professional distributors on our pages, and brokers and show organizers receive effective advertising campaign.

We know all about how to buy and sell tickets online and help viewers get to the concerts of their favorite artists, and help sellers increase sales!