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Portalbilet invites experienced brokers and those who are just starting to work in the field of reselling tickets for concerts, theater performances, festivals, sports and other cultural events. Making money with our ticket portal is easy! Fill in application, indicating your email address and contact details. Our managers will give you detailed information on what services we provide for the sale of tickets. Thanks to Portalbilet's extensive customer base and our prompt delivery of tickets, you are guaranteed find buyers and increase your sales.


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FAQOn our portal you can buy / sell tickets for concerts and other events from the poster. only in electronic format, but also purchase them in paper form. In this case, a courier service is used for the sale.
By submitting an ad on our portal and finding a buyer, you:
  • check the data specified in the ticket and ad;
  • fill out the shipping label;
  • indicate the address where the courier can pick up the ticket;
  • apply for a courier departure;
  • get feedback from the manager;
  • give the courier tickets, and he promptly delivers them to the buyer.

How to sell tickets?

Click' Sell ticket 'in the upper right corner of the page and create some ads. After the first successful transactions from our ticket portal, you will receive an offer to use a special online CRM system for brokers, which provides ticket sales services, with which you can easily manage sales. You will be able to add your advertisement about the resale of tickets for concerts in the section "My announcements", and it will be placed at the event of your choice without validation of the ticket sales service portalbilet.ru.

How do I edit my ad?

Open the list of your ads in the "My ads" section of the CRM system. Select the event you want to edit the ticket ad for. Open the menu to the right of the listing and select 'Add tickets to this listing', 'Split tickets',' Edit listing ',' Plan price 'or any other option you want.

How do I delete my ad?

Open' My listings' in the CRM system and select the event for which you want to cancel the ticket announcement. Open the functional menu to the right of the ad and select the desired action - "Delete tickets" if you need to remove some of the tickets from it, or "Delete ad" if you need to delete the ad itself. Attention! You can delete an advertisement only if tickets from it were not included in the sales order, that is, until a buyer was found for them.

How to send tickets?

E-tickets are sent to customers via email. Sending paper tickets is made by courier service. The seller prepares the ticket for shipment, clicks “Ready to ship” in the CRM system, prints the shipping label, specifies the ticket details and his address. The manager calls back to confirm the courier's order, and then he goes to the specified address to the seller's house or office, depending on which address you specify.

When will I receive my money for the tickets sold?

The money for the tickets sold will be credited to your account from the 1st to the 10th of the next month after the event. These conditions apply to novice brokers. Having established yourself as a reliable broker, you will be able to receive payment immediately after the purchase of tickets by the buyer on the Portal Ticket service.

Can I cancel the sale?

If for any reason you have a need to cancel an ad, you can cancel the sale by deleting your ad using the functional menu in the "My Ads" section of the CRM system. This can be done provided that the tickets from your ad have not been included in the order, that is, they have not yet found a buyer. Otherwise, it is impossible to cancel the sale. If you have any difficulties with the delivery of tickets to the buyer, and you cannot transfer them within the agreed period, Portal Ticket reserves the right to fine you for having to look for alternative tickets for your client.

How to make money selling tickets?

Resale of tickets is one of the available ways of earning money, which Portalbilet ticket portal will help you to realize. Post ads for sale, follow the progress of the process and make a profit! After the first successful deals, you will get access to a special online CRM system, which will make it even easier for you to make money on tickets on the Internet. The system allows you to create ads, edit them, track the progress of sales, delete an ad if necessary, that is, sell tickets as quickly as possible. The main advantage of this CRM system is that you can add ads without the need to validate the Portalbilet ticket resale service. This speeds up the process of placing them.

How to use our CRM system?

Open the section "My announcements" and use the functional menu on the right side of the page to create a new announcement. To edit existing listings, use the Add Tickets to Listing, Edit Listing, Clone Listing, Plan Price, Leave a Comment or Split Tickets menu functions if you want to quickly sell tickets for a single event. but each one separately. If there is a buyer for your offer, there will be a notification in your personal account that it is in the order. This means that after the event is held and the customer has successfully attended it, you will receive money for your tickets. If for any reason you want to cancel the sale, please remove your ad using the functional menu. Make sure that it is not in the order, that is, there is no customer on it yet and click 'Delete'.
We are confident that among our wide audience with different interests, views and levels of wealth, you are guaranteed to find your buyers and reselling tickets will become a stable source of income for you.
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